Kettlebell Workout Card Game

When you want to get fit at home, there are some games that can help you get there faster and the Kettlebell Workout Card game is one of the fun ones. It makes exercising a blast – and you can use the game by yourself or with a group of […]

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The HIIT Interval Workout Game

While getting in shape and staying healthy isn’t a game, using a tool that turns a workout into a game makes it far more effective. Studies have shown that when something is fun and people enjoy it, they’re more likely to stick with it – and that includes exercise. Taking […]

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Best Interval Timer and Stopwatch 2017

Timing is everything – especially when you’re using high intensity interval training to get into shape and to stay healthy. So what some people are doing is they’re using their smart phones to set interval times. And inevitably, some of those smart phones are ending up getting accidentally damaged. You […]

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