Kettlebell Workout Card Game

When you want to get fit at home, there are some games that can help you get there faster and the Kettlebell Workout Card game is one of the fun ones. It makes exercising a blast – and you can use the game by yourself or with a group of workout friends.

It’s designed to be used along with your kettlebell, so if you don’t have that equipment yet, then you’ll need to buy it. If you’re a woman, then you need to have a 12, a 25 and a 40 pound kettlebell in order to get the maximum benefit from playing the game.

Men need to have a 20, 40 and a 60 pound weight kettlebell. You won’t need anything else other than the kettlebell and your desire to get into shape. The game is a stack of cards that are about the size of regular playing cards.

This game set includes an anatomy card for your reference and then it has different color coded cards for various exercises. Each exercise is designed to target a specific area on your body.

The cards will also show you the level of fitness – such as for beginners, for intermediate or for the advanced – as well as tell you how many reps to do. You’ll get cards that are designed to work out the abdominal muscles and there are 9 of these different exercises.

Also included are arm exercise and leg exercise cards. The game has cardio exercise cards showing you how to do five different exercises to improve and level up your cardio.

Chest, shoulder and back exercises are also included. To make sure that nothing is left out, the game also has full body exercise cards included. As you play the game, you’ll end up working out different muscle groups. The more you play the game, the fitter you’ll become.

The game is pretty fast paced and based on HIIT programs, which means that you’ll get fit in a shorter amount of time. You’ll condition your muscles while losing weight and burning fat.

It’s one of the easiest workout games to play. To get started, all you have to do is make sure the cards are shuffled, then deal just like you would in any other card game. The cards that you deal yourself are the exercises that you’ll be doing and you’ll get the exercises in a way that equals a HIIT workout routine.

Each of the cards contains a diagram teaching you about the exercise. You can also use your smart phone to scan the card so that you can link to a video and watch the exercise being performed. This helps to ensure that you’re using the right form so that you get the most out of the exercise.

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