Gliding Discs

By using high intensity interval training, known as HIIT, you can get a workout unlike any other. When you use fast bursts of exercise, you end up doing more for your body in terms of building muscles, losing weight and burning fat.

Plus, it doesn’t take up as much time as traditional exercising methods. Of course, having the right equipment can go a long way toward helping you meet your fitness goals.

Gliding discs are one type of equipment that you need to have. These are discs that are lightweight and they’re made to work with whatever HIIT workout plan you have in place.

They’re small and easy to handle – and because they’re lightweight, you can pretty much take them anywhere you want to use them. They’re great for using at home or taking with you to the gym.

If you need to travel, you can use them in your hotel room, too. They can be used on any type of flooring and by anyone regardless of age or fitness level. You don’t have to already have a gym body in order to use them.

In fact, you can start out as a complete beginner and use these discs to create the fit body that you want. These discs are useful for building different muscle groups in your upper or lower body and working these groups out simultaneously during a routine.

Plus, they work on your core muscles so that you gain strength, better flexibility and stability. You can adjust the exercises that you do with the discs and unlike some exercise tools, these are easy on your muscles as well as your joints.

By using the discs, you’re not limited to any one routine. You can change up how you use them and in what kind of exercise that you use them with. They can be used for rapid movement exercises such as dancing or slower movement like yoga.

They’re perfect for all types of HIIT exercise routines. Not only that, but they can be useful for those who are going through any kind of physical rehab to get their body back up to speed.

Using them isn’t difficult and you can use them with your feet or hands as you go through the various exercise movements. For your convenience, an exercise book teaching you various ten minute sessions is included with the purchase of the discs.

You’ll also get a handy bag so that you can carry them with you as needed. The discs weigh just over six ounces and are about 18 cm in size and they have a lifetime guarantee.

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