How Yoga Can Benefit You During Menopause

Exercise is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during menopause and helping to ease some of those uncomfortable symptoms. In addition to regular exercise, yoga can be very beneficial. Here are some ways yoga helps you during menopause.

You Can Reduce Your Stress

An excellent reason to start doing yoga when you have menopause is because it can lower your stress levels. If you are already going through menopause, then you are quite aware of how stressed you become, and the effect it has on your mind and body. Plus, stress can then lead to anxiety and even depression, so it is best to get a handle on it now. Yoga is an excellent way to get relief from your stress in a more natural way by focusing on breathing exercises and various moves which can get rid of all those negative feelings causing the stress in the first place.

It Helps to Reduce Physical Pain

Another common side effect of menopause is that you have some physical discomfort. Where you experience pain or discomfort may vary from person to person, so you might have headaches or migraines, neck pain, or muscle cramps. It is also very common to experience cramps in your abdomen or back very similar to menstrual cramps. For these types of pains, yoga is ideal. You should try Hatha yoga, which is great for beginners and has more gentle moves. Let your yoga instructor know if you have any physical discomfort, and they will show you some modifications as well.

Hot Flashes

One of the first symptoms people notice when they go through menopause is hot flashes. These are common and can also be accompanied by night sweats. Hot flashes happen randomly throughout the day, where you feel fine one minute, then suddenly it is too hot for you to handle anything. This can also lead to more stress. Luckily, yoga is also useful for relieving the hot flashes, especially when you continue going to yoga on a regular basis.

You Can Sleep Better

If you have been dealing with insomnia with your menopause, you should try yoga. Yoga helps with sleep problems in a number of ways. It helps you sleep better since yoga helps with stress and anxiety, plus it helps with those hot flashes and night sweats. The breathing exercises help you to relax before bed, and simply doing exercise during the day also helps you to sleep better at night.

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